Expert tips to boost your chances of approval for bad credit mobile phones

Bad credit mobile phone contracts have been a blessing since their introduction, and they’ve really come to the rescue of many residents of the United Kingdom. This is due to one major reason; no credit checks are conducted when applying for the deal. Now, you won’t have to deal with the indignity of getting your mobile contracts rejected just because you’ve got a tainted credit score.


However, though it’s a lot easier to get a contract now, there are still a number of factors to consider when you want to improve your chances of success. To get the right deal, here are a few considerations to make.
Do your research

This is perhaps your most important duty. You don’t want to end up with a contract that would be a huge burden instead of granting you relief. You want to ensure that the deal you get is both affordable and that it suits your circumstances. A number of third party sites such as Moneysupermarket offer comparison information on various mobile handset deals from a number of providers.

You could also scour the internet for any reviews and customer feedback. This will more likely give you a more reputable provider and increase your chances of success. Luckily, here at Chil Phones, we pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable bad credit mobile phone providers. You can do further research by visiting

Read the fine print

One of the greatest miseries that people face is that they are so quick to getting a phone contract that they forget to read the policies. You may eventually get the deal you require but then end up grappling with hidden charges and fees that you could have easily known about if you’d taken the time to read. So don’t make that mistake of skimping on the fine print. Try and focus on the policies to do with cancellation or how they handle a damaged phone to avoid surprises later down the line.


Go for budget phones

Low-end phones are generally considered to be less risky as compared to the latest flagships such as the Galaxy S7. Getting these flagships is easy even with bad credit providers unless you’re willing to part with a huge deposit when you start the contract. However, with low-end phones, you can be assured of scoring a deal. Besides, low-end phones are not as they used to be. They now come with features seen in some of the best phones.

Remember, getting a phone contract is not only about the weekly or monthly fees you’re going to pay. Also, consider their customer service and see if they value their customers. Once that’s done, you can sign the deal and enjoy the fruits of your labour.