About us


Welcome to Chil Phones. Started in 2010, Chil Phones has amassed a ton of experience when it comes to dealing with mobile phone contracts. We pride ourselves in having something for everyone and getting a phone contract with us shouldn’t be a problem.

Our team is expertly trained in identifying the deal you need, and we’ve partnered with a number of telecommunication companies to ensure that all your requirements are met. Our goal is pretty simple; to assist you in getting the latest smartphones, at an eligible price in a contract that suits you.

So what sets us apart?

We realise that this industry is packed, and phone contract companies are mushrooming each passing dawn. But we strive to carve out a niche of our own. We’ve got experts in the field that are constantly monitoring the tech industry and keeping abreast of any new aspects that pop up.

Our blog also gives you the best news and information concerning the industry, and we’ve got experts that regularly update it.

Our customer care is also one of the best, present on a 24/7 basis and always ready to serve you whenever you need them.